Thursday, December 29, 2022

Frigid Expedition

Three long days without power or Internet because of winter storm Elliott drove us batty -- so batty in fact that we decided to venture outside into the woods on a frigid day to take advantage of the 'free' day of disc golf in our town! Our high temperature that day was 23°F (-5°C), so you know how loopy we were feeling, when that was preferable to staying indoors again with nothing to do.

The route to the Disc Golf location turned into a little adventure since the road was 'closed' at both ends, but we were so determined to have something to DO, that we decided the barricade on the furthest entrance was not really serious enough to stop cars using the road, and we proceeded without incident or altercation to our destination.

This whole idea of throwing discs through the woods was rendered more ridiculous by the fact that I still had stitches in my hand from carpal tunnel surgery and there was no way I was going to be able to hurl discs without hurting myself. As it turned out, there were only 2 discs to be had at the 'honor system box' so I accompanied my guys around the course, taking photos and keeping score for them.  

As you can see, the course was quite hazardous from the freezing of the overland flow from the heavy rainfall we'd just had. We did a lot of extra walking through having to make long detours around the ice sheets and streams.

I enjoyed my time outdoors, but found it very difficult to take photos with gloves on, so wasn't too pleased with the results.

This tree was very interesting - it reminded me of a flying mythical creature about to take off, or maybe a stylized skier?

We survived our expedition intact, and without frostbite! It was a very worthwhile little outing, and we were pleased we had blown some of the (mental) cobwebs away.

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Debbie said...

Try it sometime - the disc golf, I mean. 😊