Sunday, May 9, 2021

Fun in the Bog!

The Saco Heath Preserve is one of my favorite spots to visit. It was closed during COVID-19 since there is no way to really step aside and keep 6 feet away from other people. If you step off the boardwalk, you're in the bog!

The paucity of trees (pines and tamaracks dot the landscape) gives blueberries, rhodora, sheep laurel and leatherleaf a chance to thrive in huge quantities in the wet, acidic bog.

It almost looks barren where there are no trees!

The mosses are plentiful, exquisite and radiant in the sun.

Resting spots are available in a few places, even though this walk is not at all strenuous or long. Nevertheless, the boardwalk meister had to test out the seating:

If you want to visit, here's the info:


Wendy said...

Not sure if you two have tried this beautiful reserve.....

Debbie said...

We've been to the Wells Reserve at Laudholm for a short walk, but haven't explored beyond that.