Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Caught Out!


Oh, dear! ... I've obviously been feeling too carefree and casual these days, too relaxed and normal! I drove to the Post Office to drop off a package for mailing, but when I arrived, I realized I hadn't picked up my mask from my front door next to my purse. Now what? It clearly stated on the door that face coverings were required. The package was taped, labeled and paid for online. All I needed to do, without any real interaction, was place it on the counter for mailing and leave.

I rummaged about, and searched through every compartment and cup holder in the hopes that I'd left a surgical mask in the car after a doctor's visit, to no avail. I KNOW there are at least FIVE in our other car! Should I drive back home to fetch it? This thought kept running through my mind. I inspected my reusable shopping bags in the back of the car with a fine toothcomb, finding the smallest cloth one and actually experimented putting it on my face (like a horse hay bag) with the handles over my ears (you can disown any connection to me if you wish 😀)!

Nope. I wasn't prepared to go through with that. Also, it hung too low off my face, so it wasn't really effective. Aha! My blouse ... I very handily was wearing a small cowl necked shirt ... I was going to risk it, I thought. Be a little edgy. I tucked my chin downwards, pulled the loose fold upwards onto my nose, and placed my sunglasses over the top edge to hold it on. With my shoulders hunched to be sure I didn't extend my neck too much, and waiting till there were no customers about, I huddled into the office, dropped the package on the counter, declaring loudly I was dropping off a package, and left hurriedly, without waiting for the clerk to come to the desk. 

Phew! That felt like a bit of a scrape, but once home, I wasn't able to stop laughing at the thought of my attempts to get around my negligence. And it provided me with a great escapade to write about.


Marcy said...

Close enough!
I find one of the handiest things to keep in my car is a cotton bandanna. So many uses! Including napkin, spare mask, hair wrangler for when the windows are open, hanky, satchel, eye cover for napping, flag for protruding pieces of lumber.

Wendy said...

Ha! That happened to my cousin when she went into Loews.....she went in to return something at the service desk and didn't realize she had forgotten her mask until she looked up at the women behind the desk. At that point they finished the transaction. She felt uneasy over the whole incident. This was a couple months ago.

For me, having been in, I am finding it very emotional to be out dealing with the protocols. It's almost as if I have culture shock. I took Dad to the VA and all the things they have in place, all the questions, the fact that all the magazines and other things that make it home are gone.....all are sort of like emotional overload for me....I have been trapped in my bubble and now, I feel as if I should wait until all the restrictions are lifted....I fought back tears the whole time.

Shelley Burbank said...

Funny! But isn't it amazing how easy it is to slip back to normal? I try to have several masks in my purse just in case. The only trouble is when I go out without purse!

It's okay. I was laughing to imagine you scuttling in with your chin tucked into your shirt like a turtle. At least people knew you were trying:)

Debbie said...

Oh, Marcy, this is so ... YOU and wonderful. I'll make sure to keep a red one handy in future, for lumber sticking out of my car. (Dale says it'd make a great tourniquet too, not to mention red would mask the blood!)

Debbie said...

Oh dear Wendy! Sorry it hit you so hard, all at once. I think I've had enough time to get used to it, having been out in the big bad world a few times during the pandemic.

Debbie said...

Thanks, Shelley, for reading and commenting to keep this alive. I do appreciate it.

It was meant to be funny, and I'm glad you laughed. I enjoy poking fun at myself like this. I guess finding it so easy to slip back into normal is a good thing - we haven't been irreparably damaged.