Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Natives Rule!


What an exquisite leaf arrangement and coloration! It doesn't get more gorgeous than this - Swida alternifolia, the pagoda dogwood (or more boringly, the alternate-leaved dogwood), another native I discovered as an understory shrub in my woods some time ago. The green color is stunning, the reddish-brown contrast superb, the form beautiful and the leaf tiers elegant. And this is even without the flowers!


Don Stokes, of Stokes Field Guides, ranks dogwoods as “fifth among all woody plants in North America for their food value to wildlife” in The Natural History of Wild Shrubs and Vines, so plant some!


Wendy said...

I felt the same way today as I took some shots of the newly emerging Beech leaves...exquisite. The color is so vibrant. I have snapped quite a few of newly emerging leaves.....their color is so vibrant...sort of like a baby's skin...then as the seasons of life progress we wilt and shrivel....wait....I just went from talking about leaves to my face!! LOL!!

Shelley Burbank said...

An elegant and useful plant.

Debbie said...

The young leaves are like embryos, and so compelling.