Sunday, May 2, 2021

Shopping is King!


I had the BEST shopping experience this week - at a grocery store! It was the most relaxed I've felt out in public in 413 days! Since I've completed my vaccination schedule, life has felt so much more comfortable, and other people are way less threatening, even nice to talk to!

I wore a mask the entire time, obviously, but I noticed how people took more time to dally and have 'conversations' with random strangers, such as checkout cashiers. In fact, I came home filled with anecdotes and interactions to share. It was so much fun! Who knew? Someone, get me to a doctor ...


Georgette said...

That post made me smile. So glad to hear. Yes, every little bit of normalcy is very heart warming.

Debbie said...

This experience made me feel so fickle 😊 after all I've been saying about grocery shopping being the bane of my life!