Thursday, August 20, 2020

When Life Hands you Bananas ...

Ewww. Have you ever thawed a frozen banana? I don't appreciate bananas at the best of times, but seeing black juice ooze out of its flaccid skin was disgusting to see. It almost turned my stomach (who was it who told me one could freeze over-ripe bananas? Come on ... own up ...). So gross.

But, hey ... I was still determined NOT to throw them away! Mustering all my cast-iron-gut strength, I held the skin and squeezed the flesh out, as in squeezing a toothpaste tube. Surprisingly, the inside looked just like a regular banana, so I mashed it up, and got on with the business of making a banana cake. I tried a new recipe for an Apple Banana Bread, in the hopes that it may not taste TOO banana-ry. It used up 2 of my precious eggs (I'm always holding off having to go back to the grocery store during COVID), so I was hoping it would not be a flop.

It was a delicious success - very moist, dense and fruity, plus mmm, ... mmm, ... mmm, it had a cinnamon streusel and glaze drizzled over the top.

Okay, so my plan for next time, is to either remove the banana peels from the fruit long before they've thawed, or remove the peel before freezing and store the flesh in a container - perhaps the flesh will turn black this way? I will have to experiment further ...