Monday, August 17, 2020

Small Pleasures

Recently I was forced to buy the softest, most luxurious toilet paper I have ever purchased. I balked at what I was paying 'to do my dirty paperwork,' but desperate times call for desperate measures, as the wise owls say. 

The panic buying amidst COVID fears meant that the only toilet paper available on the shelves, in stores and online, were the generally unaffordable, "gilt-edged" ones. I had already weathered the initial panic spree by working through my usual 3-month stock of regular supplies, but now these were depleted.

Well! I must say that I do like the paper that feels like a puff of air against my skin, and I'm enjoying using it (!), but I definitely can't justify switching to this kind voluntarily. I'm enjoying the delicate comforts I was forced into, and I've long since processed having had to fork out a small fortune, but I'm still not convinced it's worth it. It's a luxury I'm not prepared to indulge long term. I'm currently on the look-out for the more plebian variety in plentiful supply ...

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