Saturday, August 22, 2020

What are We Missing?

I spent 4 lively hours with my writing group on an online call one evening this week, and by the time it ended at 10:30pm, I felt like I needed a little decompression time before going to bed. 

I lit two candles, cut two slices of cake, and called my husband out onto our deck to join me. Our deck is elevated over a sloping lawn with tall trees surrounding it. It feels like we're in a tree house in the woods with our own opening up to the sky - and the stars were out! In a spectacular way! We were enthralled by the distinct, sharp points of light all around. We blew the candles out, actually, so we could appreciate the stars better, in total darkness. Though cool night air sent light shivers along my arms, it wasn't uncomfortable: it was a thrilling, spontaneous experience.

I'm so glad we did this! Sometimes we need to think of new things to do, to do something out of the regular routines of daily life, to notice what we're missing. Because, unless we try it, we won't know!