Thursday, January 7, 2021

Sub-stitch-ution Solutions

Yet another yarn saga! I gave up completely on my maroon shawl, and started off with a whole new pattern and color! I thought a lacy shawl would be nice, so I should try a fancy pattern. Using black as my yarn color seemed a good way to mask errors!

I got quite far, and then decided that the errors I KNEW were there, were just not acceptable, even if most people wouldn't see them. Believe me, there are loads of mistakes in there, and I'd not feel happy about giving it away to someone, nor even wearing it myself! I just couldn't live with the fact that the lacy holes didn't line up and kept changing their location. (I think I'm a slow learner - I'm NOT a knitter!)

So, I undid it and began again, this time realizing I'd need to use stitch markers, which I didn't have. And then I found I had a great new use for my little collection of plastic bread ties in my 'messy' kitchen drawer. They slide perfectly onto the yarn, or the needles, and stay put because of their ingenious little slit!

Twist ties are also a perfect stitch marker substitution. I just couldn't bring myself to buy a specialized item like a stitch marker made for the knitting market, when it is was super easy (and much more satisfying) to be resourceful.