Saturday, January 23, 2021

Getting Rattled - The Saga Continues!

After receiving an automated phone call from our default pharmacy that the previously unfilled prescription from a few days ago was now available for pick-up, we decided to do a diversion on our way home from the dentist's office since we were already out and about. But imagine our level of 'being rattled' on finding that it had in fact been filled, but at a different pick-up location; in fact, the one across the street from the dentist's office! 

It turns out there had been a mix up and cross-communication (we presume), in having used the pharmacy App to try and get the script transferred to our non-usual store, which was closer to where we had business that morning. Since it wasn't clear that our request had gone through (we had previously not got confirmation after using the App), we called the pharmacy to check the status before we set off. Whilst waiting for the call to be answered, the automated confirmation came through, stating clearly that the script was ready at our usual location. We thought it better to leave it at that, and not try to re-route it to the more convenient location, since there had already been so much confusion.

But lo and behold, it wasn't there when we made a detour to fetch it! Who would have thought it could have got any worse than the previous saga! I imagined it would be plain sailing and simple, now that we had met the refill date requirements. But no, we were being stymied at every turn! The store then cancelled the script across town for us, and we waited 20 minutes for the script to be filled right then and there.

It's no wonder I love my hermit life and the excuses to stay home. Not having to deal with the outside world is way less frustrating and calming 😀

... And I haven't even covered the saga of making a follow-up appointment at the dentist's office yet ... oh, for the simple life!

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