Sunday, January 24, 2021

Knitting Overexcitability

After many documented false starts and sundry attempts, I was finally able to sustain momentum and complete this lacy black shawl, following the instructions on YouTube. The lovely maroon yarn I'd got started on got ditched in favor of black along the way (I think I was bored with the color after not mastering numerous new stitch attempts). I used my home-made stitch markers (essential) and listened to my first W. Somerset Maugham novel (Librivox, free public domain audiobooks) at the same time. It was apropos to hear references to South Africa, and the Boer war, in his book 'On Human Bondage.' The other reference that immediately comes to mind are the lyrics to Jimmy Campbell's song, 'In My Room' where he references 'books of Somerset Maugham...'

Anyway, back to knitting. The shawl turned out rather well, in my opinion (because black hides the inconsistencies!)

No sooner had I ended off the loose ends of this, my very first, non-garter stitch item, than I started something new, using a completely different stitch. I'm trying the Edelweiss stitch, using some yarn I'd stockpiled from a friend. Trying a new stitch feels thrilling! I'm excited to see how it looks. I can't wait to see it manifested in a garment, and I have so many new ideas! I'm not sure if you've read about Dabrowski's theory of overexcitabilities, but my current, frantic addiction to knitting brought his ideas to mind.

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