Saturday, October 24, 2020

Kayaking Bliss

I enjoy being out on the water in my kayak. I like floating aimlessly and looking at everything in front of me, without paddling much, and without direction or purpose, except to take everything in. I love the caressing bob of the water - it feels comforting. When it's clear and light enough that I can see the diversity of plants below me, I feel  as if I'm caught between two dimensions, neither of which is solid - air and water.  I'm at the interface between two different worlds, in a earthly craft that suspends me. It gives me the ability to straddle both.

I go where the currents take me and drift, enjoying the quiet and unplanned direction. There is no purpose, except to BE.

Floating on water

I'm tranquilly suspended

Between dimensions.

The whims of breezes

Transport my kayak gently

As I glide and drift. 

The quiet lapping

Ensures my restoration

And serenity.

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