Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Ticked Off

Oh dear! That "loud" noise I heard as I brushed my head against the pillow one night turned out to be a feeding tick! The sound had made me stop and ask aloud, "What was that noise?" as its hard shell body, attached to my earlobe, scraped against my pillow. It was an alien and unusual sensation, not that of a normal fleshy earlobe on a pillow slip. We dismissed it as Dale having scraped his toenail against the sheet, and went to sleep.

I investigated more fully the following morning, when I put my hand to scratch my ear. Tick, hard body, feeding. I had slept with it attached.

It made me think that maybe a set of tick earrings might be a new marketing style - I've seen insects and birds as earrings, so I thought why not ticks???

Any takers?

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