Tuesday, May 2, 2023

NO Mow May

Can you resist using your mower and doing other yard 'clean-up' till the end of May? It will help our pollinators have time to hatch successfully so there are enough of them to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Consider giving it a try, learn to re-asses nature's provisions, and live WITH the bounty ...

Dr. Doug Tallamy points out very succinctly that if we can unquestioningly accept the 'look' of utility poles because we value its service to us, then we can learn to apply that to our living yards. Let's reframe how we look at our yards - the leaves are beneficial to other living creatures, and ultimately, indirectly, to us. Some accommodations are better than none at all - make a start.

Aesthetics can be secondary to functionality, as with utility poles!


Lucy Schultz said...

Looks like a female dobsonfly

Debbie said...

I think the antenna (like a moth's) make it a fish fly, to which they are similar.