Friday, October 29, 2021

Vegan leather?

Wait! Whaaaat? Vegan leather? No! What does that mean? My first facetious response of course, is "don't tell me you're going to eat it!" (okay, I'm obviously referring to a dietary vegan)

But secondly, I can't get my mind to grasp the concept - I understand organic leather, indicating it was raised in an ethical way, but vegan? It's a tautology, right? Really, who are we trying to kid? Leather comes from animals. According to my dictionary, it's "a material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process." 

So what is vegan leather? It's made from artificial or plant material - it is NOT leather, by definition. It mimics leather, but is not leather. I can only guess that the term 'faux leather' or 'artificial leather' is not as appealing to the market as vegan leather. Why must we pretend it's leather? Clearly it's because the characteristics of leather are unique and prized - it's a special material.

The underside of this floating leaf may LOOK leathery, but it wouldn't hold up as a handbag!

Come on! Be real - be honest, and use words appropriately instead of blowing smoke in our faces in order to line your pockets!

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