Monday, August 30, 2021

Eggstra Eggs

I spent a lot of time streamlining and planning my latest 'To Go' shopping order from Hannaford, so I could take advantage of their $15 off coupon, if I spent $150. Certainly there were a lot of things I could stock up on and buy in bulk, like pasta, black beans and artichoke hearts, ... but eggs?

I found when I unpacked my groceries (and checked my actual order) that I had mistakenly ordered 3 dozen eggs! Had I thought I was clicking '+' to increase the cans of beans I was ordering, or had I subsumed amounts from a previous order when I hosted a breakfast? Who knows? 

I do know that omelettes, clafouti, meringues, cakes, quiche and frittata are now on the menu, as well as boiled eggs for salads. And now I'm investigating how to freeze eggs - not out of the question, it seems.

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