Sunday, August 22, 2021

A Forest of Sundews


I can't believe how many sundews have propagated themselves on one of my floating gardens - their abundance is a joy to behold.

They grow in boggy, acidic and nitrogen poor soils. I recently found some amongst our moss at the bottom of the yard, too, so now they're 'protected' with a few twigs outlining their location so we don't tread on them. They can take up to 15 minutes to kill an insect landing on one of its alluring traps, but may only 'digest' it later. Apparently assassin bugs are immune to their sticky secretions, but lie in wait for others who are not as fortunate. 

As you can see, some leaves are green, and others red. The presence of sunlight makes them turn red. They're so "busy" that the camera struggles to know where to focus - maybe it confuses insects too?

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