Thursday, August 4, 2022

Finding Treasure

Whilst out on a walk through our neighborhood, I spotted the flattened remains of a porcupine on the road, its identity evident from the quills. I could make out the entire backbone and its individual vertebrae, as well as a jaw bone, ribs, scapula and hips.

Perfect porcupine posture!

As can be seen from the photo, most of the flesh had already disintegrated or been eaten, so I thought it would be great for my natural history display case. I returned home to retrieve gloves, a shovel and a bucket, and went back to collect it.

I was thrilled to find a jawbone with molars (camouflaged against the gravel) and a yellow-orange incisor up front.

I'm preparing the bones at home and cleaning them before arranging them in my showcase! So excited! This is as far as I've got with cleaning them.

I hope to string the vertebrae together in the right order for my display.

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