Monday, August 22, 2022

Fawned Upon

I'm hyperventilating! I'm so excited - I encountered two spotted fawns in my woods whilst walking quietly along my boardwalk. It had been raining overnight, and everything was wet and fresh - the light breeze forced the  excess water that had pooled on the leaves to drop all around me, but I was undaunted by the sporadic showers.

As soon as I 'spotted' them, I froze, watched and waited. They had seen me, and froze too. Then one of them was overcome with curiosity, and began cautiously advancing towards me. Each time it stopped to assess the situation before moving forward again, it thumped its right foot onto the ground - a thrumming, a challenge. Would I have to run along the slippery boardwalk, away from a charging fawn? I didn't think so, but wondered if their Mom might decide to put in an appearance ... I didn't dare look around or swivel my head, for fear of frightening the fawn away. I watched like an unbreathing statue.

My set of photos show the encounter lasted 4 minutes, before the advancing fawn snorted and turned tail. So special - it was lovely while it lasted!

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