Saturday, January 29, 2022

Nostalgic Poem

I remember reading this poem to my kids when they were small, and we had so much fun with the playfulness. We soon knew it by heart; it just sort of rolled off the tongue. Not only can I still recite it, but I could find it on my bookshelf too.

from Knock at a Star: A Child’s Introduction to Poetry (1982)
X.J.  and D.M. Kennedy (editors).

There is an embarrassing story behind my acquiring this book. I bought it second hand, at the Chelmsford library book sale, and gave it to Linus. I crossed out the text that was on the inside page, and wrote Linus' name there instead. We read through it often, until one day Dale browsed through it and remarked that the names I'd crossed out were the author's signatures and dedication to a friend! I had an autographed, signed copy and had scribbled through it, assuming it to be the name of the previous owner. I am still pretty mortified, and the shame I feel still haunts me! What an idiot!

Is there a market for defiled autographed books on eBay? A new collector's item? 

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