Wednesday, December 29, 2021


I recently came across the trending term Knitflix, and found it very relatable. It was coined to describe hobbyists who binge watch Netflix while they knit.  Some people blog about it (!), recommending shows or movies that are soothing and easily watchable while you follow a knitting pattern. Sometimes season repeats are recommended since you won't miss plot points.

Of course the term doesn't preclude anyone doing the same thing with YouTube, or any other streaming service, though I must say "YouTubing" sounds infinitely more active, doesn't it? Like snowtubing, perhaps? And of course, the creative activity is not restricted to knitting only - I do it more smoothly and mistake free when I crochet.

I had stumbled onto these pleasures on my own, as well as enjoying doing it with audiobooks (besides an Audible subscription, I get audible books through my Google rewards points, by taking advantage of promotional offers, and through the Cloud Library offerings) ... to the point where my book listening list has soared to a hefty


books completed (and counting) for this year - I guess that means I've been busy (sitting on my butt and knitting/crocheting, not busily, actively moving I mean).

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