Friday, September 17, 2021

Always Worth a Shot


I'd spent so much of my kayak survey time taking pictures of beautiful things that I only covered half the area I'd planned to last week! And I had an appointment to get to later, so I sealed my camera up in its watertight, waterproof bag and decided it was time to fight the wind and the waves and return to my starting point, without taking (time-consuming) photos on my return trip.

Oh no! Almost immediately after making that decision, I came upon this magnificently lit waterlily. I'd already taken numerous pics of them earlier in the season, so paddled right past, only to find myself back paddling the moment I overtook it. It was so worth a shot, another try - each time and lighting and background is unique, even if the subject has been shot before. The golden brilliance of the sunshine on this white cup of perfection stopped me in my tracks, and I'm glad of it.

Of course, having disturbed the water initially, I had to wait for it to settle again, so I could include its reflection too.

By the time I got home, I'd missed half my Zoom call, and was in a frenzied panic when it ran way over time and I had little time to freshen up for my writer's group. But hey, look at the pleasure I got out of it!

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