Thursday, July 1, 2021

Phone, Lost & Found!

Oh dear me! I perched my phone in the shallow front pocket of my culottes and covered it over with my t-shirt just before I switched on the leaf-blower. I was busy making a huge pile of leaves at the edge of my garden bed, so big that they caught on the lower branches of the beeches and hemlocks, creating a wall of leaves.

I waded through the pile, and tried shepherding more of them through the branches with the blower up close, but the battery ran out. As I walked back to recharge it, I reached for my phone ... but my pocket was empty!

I went back to where I'd been working, and scoured the cleared areas slowly and carefully, watching where I put my feet in case I stood on it, but I couldn't see it anywhere. It was probably amongst the leaves! But where to start? I went inside and gave our Google Home device the instruction to find my phone, and 'it' dialed my device number. I ran outside, to locate the ringing and after a few sweeps of pushing the leaves aside, I found my trusty (dusty) phone. Phew! Intact, untrodden on!

Where's Waldo, phone-style!