Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Spring's Rollercoaster


Skies grey or stunning blue, cloudless,
Incessant phoebe trilling lulls, like cicadas.
Deer poop and prints. 
Eagles fish.
Peepers, yeah.
A film of snow, flurries blow
Crows warble their cawing, burbling like water in their throats -
When will the loons come? 
Unseen barred owls call ...
Chipmunks scurry, then 'chuck' from their shelters
Maple blooms float, milfoil fragments 
Green-hued water, reflections
Skunk cabbages
Turkey vultures show off their flying skills
Marsh marigolds
Wood ducks, muskrats
Warmth, rainshowers
Wasps hover
Pollen breezes -
Ticks crawl, tickle
The slumbering world has woken fully
A wondrous unfurling.



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