Thursday, April 1, 2021

I Take up Tumbling!

Oh dear! I took 2 tumbles to the ground 2 days in a row recently (maybe I should stay sitting on the couch). It made me contemplate Dale's recent observation that as people get older, they 'have a fall,' not 'they fell.' It's as if it happens TO them, without them being responsible for the misstep.

First, I took a silly tumble in the woods, when I inadvertently stepped onto the end of a branch with my leading foot, with the trailing foot getting snagged by the other end of it, which had lifted up. I felt as if I'd been hobbled, and went flying forward onto the ground with a stick spanning my feet (not drawn properly)!

Ouch #1

Wouldn't you know it though, I took another full-on tumble the following day, but this time, onto my hard-tiled kitchen floor when I missed the last step going down the stairs. I'm happy to say, that this time I didn't twist my ankle, nor did I break my phone, or drop any stitches from my crochet project, or bang my head on the open dishwasher door. I was pretty rattled though.

Ouch #2

I'm just not good with uneven ground anymore, not even my own (known) stairs! I'm happy to report that I didn't break anything on my body, and wasn't anywhere near as battered and bruised the next day as I'd expected to be. But I do have some lower back, hip and neck discomfort - nothing that an extra shot of whiskey can't fix!


Georgette said...

Sorry you "had a" fall, or two. But I don't see you at that age, at all. I suspect the culprit was simply being focused on other things. Love your sketches! They made me smile.

Shelley Burbank said...

I agree with Georgette. It was a weird coincidence that these two incidents happened so close together. Probably you’ve been distracted by thinking up all these great blog posts! I love the sketches.

Debbie said...

Oh, friends - the best! Thanks for helping me feel better about my clumsiness. "Distracted" sounds much kinder 😊