Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Perks & Forfeits


Oh boy, spring is such an amazing time, but also a mixed bag of perks and forfeits: beautiful, crisp sunshine, unfurling blooms and glowing green moss.


But also, tree pollen floating in the air. And ticks. I recently found one tickling me as it crawled up my leg in bed! Ugh.

Sparrows flip leaves noisily in bunches of five or more, and the white-throated sparrow repeats its signature call.

Northern flickers have been displaying and parading for each other on various branches, hoping to win the mate-jackpot. 

Black flies have made their appearance, but not yet in swarming hordes.  

The winds have been ferocious on some days - lovely for getting my laundry dry, provided I peg things down securely enough!

Also, loons!

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