Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Living a "Busy" Life

I'm sheltering in place during the COVID-19 outbreak, and am finding that I'm quite suited to the hermit life I've been living since March of this year. My husband and I are retired, and though I don't usually have much on my schedule, there are usually some 'have-to' things on my calendar, like weekly grocery shopping, or an occasional doctor or dentist appointment, or a book discussion meet, as well as informal arrangements with friends and neighbors. My calendar was sparsely peppered with engagements, but peppered nonetheless.

But now, every day is a blank slate, and as always, I can't make up my mind what to do with it! I have so many things I would LIKE to do, that I'm having a hard time settling down into doing any ONE thing. I'm not complaining that I'm bored, I'm realizing that there's so much available for me to do that I can't focus! Not a bad problem to have, except that I find myself not wanting to miss out on one of the other pleasant things by spending too much time on the current pleasant thing! Does that even make sense? I'm torn in so many enjoyable directions.

I have fascinating Master Classes to listen to, crocheting projects I love to do, and books I've been dying to read for years. I have a monthly writing group that I contribute to. I watch movies, documentaries and docudramas with infinite pleasure, and have a long list (that keeps growing) of things to catch up on seeing (I don't watch live TV). I play Scrabble and other word-games, and have fun doing Sudokus (the only gift idea I could come up with for the last gift-giving occasion). I love baking.

I enjoy the puzzle of identifying plants with my Field Guides. I relish propagating native plants of all kinds, and opening up new areas to help them spread. My gardens and cove, and the wildlife they attract, provide endless photo opportunities that inspire me. I enjoy physical yardwork. I maintain a compost heap. I rake, and spread leaves in the woods. I collect and store twigs and branches for our woodstove in winter. I obsess over weeding our cove of milfoil. I have a shaded boardwalk through the woods, and benches by the lakeside. I can swim, I can kayak, I can go on walks. I wander in my yard, just being, for restoring serenity and peace to my soul. 

As you can see, so much to do! And now, I have a growing blog to feed!

I am BUSY, loving my life.

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That made me smile!