Saturday, June 27, 2020

A New Pespective

It was muggy and overcast in Maine this morning, and my attempts to weed my yard left me feeling incredibly irritated. I was plagued incessantly by mosquitoes, so I came back inside, crushed that I couldn't enjoy the outdoors in peace.

And then I realized that I had the perfect solution - my writing nook! It's on the upper level of my home, and has the most amazing slanted, floor-to-ceiling windows from which to gaze at the greenery and sky. In peace! 

So here I am, writing on my blog about a trivial morning, and sharing photos of my creative space. I'm elevated above the outdoor paradise that is mine, giving me a different perspective, not bothered by little irritations. The kind of perspective that we sometimes need when we step away from things ... and view them from afar. 

Hmm, there's a lesson on there somewhere ... 

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