Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Every Pizza's Different

One way I've been using my leftovers lately, is by chopping them up and using them as toppings on my home made pizzas. That way, no two are ever alike - it all depends on what we had for dinner last week, and then on what was left over afterwards - always a throw of the dice. 

I like to supplement my leftovers with chopped bacon and olives, for some reason (maybe it's because I like them!). How should I respond when my husband asks if 'that stuff from the casserole dish in the fridge is what's on the pizza'?

Every pizza, like every person, is custom-made, and different, and should be appreciated..


Captain BBH said...

You're the pizza guru. My mouth is watering with your pictures.

Debbie said...

Thanks, Scott. There's one on the menu for tonight

Shelley Burbank said...

Those pizzas look so good, Debbie! I had to laugh about Dale's comment.

Debbie said...

I know, it was classic.