Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Ahhh, Rainbows and Fireflies

You've all heard of rainbows and unicorns, a description of an unrealistic scenario, but what about rainbows and fireflies? We experienced both on the same day at the end of June - all without a camera, mind you, so you're just going to have to believe me. It definitely happened!

The rainbow was seen whilst out swimming, and it was the broadest swathe of color I've ever seen arc across a moody sky. It made it easy to discern all 7 colors, and the dark sky made it so much more intense.

We walked down our boardwalk just as it was getting dark and the fairy-like twinkles of fireflies in the woods filled me with joy. I just had to stand still to take it in, and exclaim how happy it made me.

Twinkling like embers

Fireflies light up the woods -

Flirtatious sparkles.

These two occurrences were a great "pick-me-up" on a day when one of our cars failed its inspection (☹️), and when we confirmed the invasive European naiad (Najas minor) was growing back in a cove that had been treated last year. Rainbows and fireflies salvaged our day.

Here I am inspecting the shallows, and double checking details by floating plants in a frisbee.

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