Thursday, July 13, 2023

Spider Mom

We've all heard of Tiger Moms and also Spiderman, but this is a whole new scenario ... may I present Spider Mom:

Wolf spiders don't make nests, so they must carry their big egg sac around with them wherever they go. Once hatched, the babies ride on her back as she hunts for food on the ground. They don't make webs to catch their prey, so she must carry her babies with her as she stalks prey -what a burden! I think I can easily count 22 bodies on her back - eek! That means at least 176 legs to account for!


Lucy Schultz said...

Truly horrifying math you've done there!

Once we had a mother wolf spider trying to walk into our front door at our home in Denver. We tried to shoo her away very gently, and some of the babies jumped ship and scattered. It was suddenly a crisis and we felt awful, but they did make it back to the "mothership".

Debbie said...

Yeah, Math can be scary 😊

Your story is creepier ... Ugh