Friday, November 19, 2021

To Go Drama

I filled a To Go order from Hannaford recently, with the intent of getting my $11 off a purchase of $100 or more coupon, which I'd diligently clipped. Before I knew it, my order had reached $124, and I was reminded by the app that if I spent another $6, I'd get another $2 of the delivery fee. Okay, no problem - I added a few packs of chicken and I was up to $145. Perfect.


My order was delivered to my car after a longish wait since it was Veteran's day (?) and they were short-staffed. There were 4 items on my list that weren't available. Well, I'd intended going inside to find another pair of sunglasses for my kayaking expeditions, so thought I'd substitute the items missing from my order. Interestingly, I found 3 of the exact items the To Go shopper hadn't located, and paid $11 for them at the checkout. I noticed then that my $11 discount from my big order hadn't been applied. Oh dear!

I returned to the car to check my cash slip, and well, my order had rung up to $95 only, so wasn't eligible for the discount. But wait ... I had personally just spent another $11 at the checkout. I did qualify! Grabbing the evidence, I returned to the To Go outlet. The entire store was humming with activity and noise and people. There were hardly any carts left. As I explained the situation, the young helper looked flustered, but said there was nothing she could do, that I should look online and see if there was some way I could claim it. I was skeptical, and asked to speak to someone else. By this stage 2 of her phones were ringing amid the hubbub of the store, and she said there was no one else to help me, since so many people had called in sick. I stood to one side as she took her phone calls and another employee came by asking if she could help. I said, "I certainly hope so!

I explained what had gone awry, and she said she could fix it, to just wait for her to return. She came back, holding $11 in her hand, without checking my cash slips, or my order, or any records for evidence or anything!

I truly don't understand how badly they must have over-estimated my online order cost, to the point that not finding 4 items brought me down below $100! Now don't get me started on their shoppers not being able to find things in their own store. When the To Go program was implemented at the beginning of this year, I was over the moon. Now I'm not so sure of it being worthwhile - I still had to go into the store and wade through oodles of unmasked people and have masked interactions with emplyees to get it straightened out!

First world problems!

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