Sunday, September 17, 2023

Chester the Flying Chipmunk

Chester Chipmunk climbed onto the back of his trusty friend, Molly Mallard, just before Hurricane Lee struck Maine. He was leaving his mate and kids behind without so much as a stash of fresh acorns to tide them over, but he was so sick and tired of dealing with waterlogged passageways, bedraggled newborns and fungus growth all over their food supply that he couldn't take it anymore.

He wanted a fresh start without all that baggage and commitment. He'd forgotten to pack his Superman cape for their journey, and Molly was struggling to stay the course against Lee's gusty winds, which met them as they flew south. They were being buffeted about so much that they weren't making much headway, so they decided to fly back to retrieve his cape in the hope that it might give them more lift and steering capabilities. 

Back home though, they discovered that not only had the storm petered out with barely any rain, but that his partner Chichi had bundled their babies up in his cape and moved them away to a more elaborate set of tunnels in the LEE of the bank. She'd etched a note on an acorn shell with her teeth telling him of her decision to move into more luxurious quarters with their neighbor, Chuck. 

Chester's selfish behavior had forced her hand, leaving him forlorn, and lonely. Molly had no time for him in the aftermath either, since she was busy preening and sprucing up her feathers ready for her imminent migration. But luckily for Chester, the homeowners had no physical damage to their property and they hadn't lost power for very long (except for the hour in which they were busy making waffles), so they were still handing out sunflower seeds to the needy. He decided to settle back down in his home territory where free handouts made life easy for him, but he also realized that modern parenting trends, where males were equally involved, was not for him.

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